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The “We Buy Houses” Difference:

• We’re the #1 Trusted Home Buyer in the US
• Get a Fast and Easy Cash Advance in 24 Hours On Your Home Sale
• Sell On Your Schedule & Bottomline
Stay in Your House as Long as You Need
No Hidden Fees, Commissions or Closing Costs
• No Repairs Needed, Sell As-Is • We Buy inANY Condition and ALL Price Ranges • 24 Hour Offer Guarantee

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We Buy Houses is the Future of Home Selling.

  • Over 500,000 people Sell Their House for Cash Each Year. A Cash Offer provides a guarantee that only verified, Cash Home Buyers can offer. We Buy Houses has a verified investor in your neighborhood.

  • We Buy Houses Investors Average Over 30 Years of Experience on Their Side.  More Experience means better Customer experience for you and your loved ones.

  • Avoid We Buy Houses Scams.  No need to worry about an offer not going through.  Our team has liquid assets ready to buy your house when you're ready to sell.  And there's no obligation!  

  • JOIN THOUSANDS OF HAPPY HOME SELLERS. We've provided thousands of satisfied home sellers with cash offers in your area and around the US. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!
"We heard the advertisements on the radio, but my husband and I needed to move quickly for my new job opportunity.  We called WE BUY HOUSES and we're glad we did!"
-Susan and Elliot, Virgina Beach, VA



 "We needed to sell an inherited property. The We Buy Houses team helped us with all of the paperwork and took care of any of the fees so what ever we sold it for, we made. Very helpful."
-Susan, Hillary and Terri, Lancaster, California

Why We Buy Houses?

Save Money, Time, and Headaches.

  • SAVE MONEY. Avoid costly repairs, holding costs and real estate commissions!

  • SAVE TIME.  Sell your house in 7 days or less!

  • SAVE HEADACHE.  No need to worry about cleaning, repairs, listing, home showings, no sign in your front yard....nothing but one fast and simple inspection.  And there's no obligation!  

  • JOIN THOUSANDS OF HAPPY HOME SELLERS. We've provided thousands of satisfied home sellers with cash offers in your area and around the US. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does We Buy Houses Work? 

(Our 1st Most Asked Question...)

We Buy Houses is a fast and simple
3 Step Process:

STEP #1: You submit your home information confidentially.

STEP #2: Our team reviews your information and calls you to review the information.

STEP #3: A local real estate professional will either inspect your home remotely or set up an appointment to see your property and make you an offer. If you accept the offer, your house is sold on your timeline and bottomline!

THERE IS NEVER AN OBLIGATION TO SELL.You do not need to accept our fair market cash offer if you're not ready to sell. If you accept our offer, your house is sold! It's simple, easy, transparent and straightforward, with no feels, no real estate commissions and no listings. We provide a simple offer from a verified cash buyer, and when the house closes, you get the money in the offer directly in your pocket!

How Much Does We Buy Houses Pay for my Property?

(Our 2nd Most Asked Question...)

We Buy Houses has multiple strategies to give you an offer, and since each house is different, it is important that we get the home information we are asking for in order to assess the value we can pay.

Generally speaking, most real estate investors will offer you a cash offer price which is lower than a listed price. There are a few key reasons for this.

Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and similar websites DO NOT HAVE CONSISTENT, ACCURATE PRICING INFORMATION. They are Wall Street backed and corporate institutions that are looking to buy as many houses as possible, but THEY QUITE SIMPLY DON'T KNOW THE LOCAL MARKET as well as we do. Why? Because many times they aren't local. We Buy Houses has local, established and highly experienced professionals in every market that can give you the absolute highest price for a cash offer possible.

When we give you an offer, we will take the time to walk you through all the numbers, so you can understand what the offer is and why, and how we can work together to benefit your home selling needs.

I am worried about Covid safety--Can I Sell My House Remotely?

Covid-19 has devastated the world and created new challenges for families. We Buy Houses has been a leader in the new Covid safety, and we can provide a much safer process for selling because we can do most of our viewing remotely, and will only need 1 inspection, which can be scheduled at your convenience.

Listing with a realtor will not only require many viewings, but also repairs which mean that contractors, workers and technicians will need access to your property. We Buy Houses can provide you one of the most safest, and simplest ways to sell your house without the hassles and hazards of showing to many people. Inquire to Learn More!

What is the Difference Between We Buy Houses and listing with a Realtor of another Investor? 

Traditional selling takes time, as an real estate agent will not actually make you an offer, but they are taking a very large commission to simply introduce you to people who will make you an offer. When you work with We Buy Houses, we connect you directly with the Home Buyers that ARE making you an offer, which means there is no need to waste money on commissions. For this reason, we can pass along those savings to you.

We Buy Houses has been working in the direct buying houses business for decades, which means that we can streamline the process, and allow you to save months by making a cash offer, closing on time and on your conditions. Also, since we have the cash, we aren't contingent upon another house selling, a bank loan being approved, or many other factors that no professionals and less experienced professionals can provide. Send us your info, and allow us to make you the offer you need to sell your house for the best price, quickly and more efficiently.

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